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Why Bulgaria?

Medical Universities in Bulgaria (in English medium) are among the very few medical universities in Europe that offers a course in English. These Universities provide high quality of medical education, with high tech and modern facilities. Today, doctors from Bulgaria are well respected and appreciated all over the world. The Bulgarian medical universities attract thousands of international Medical school students every year especially from Germany, Sweden, Norway UK and Ireland. Most of the students are fascinated by medicine in Bulgaria because of the quality of the studies, European standard labs, and choosing the language of study in English. 

The main attractions are:

  • Reasonable tuition fees
  • Low living cost
  • Having a recognized degree all over Europe and beyond,
  • Possibility of medical University transfer,
  • High qualified and experienced staff,
  • Student mobility,
  • Very advanced medical laboratories,
  • Safe and friendly environment

The Universities offers the medical programmes in English which runs for 6 years (Medicine and Dentistry). Bulgaria has been and remains one of the main European destination for international students ever since Bulgaria become a European Union member (in 2007). Bulgarian medical degrees are fully recognised in the whole community and beyond. Most of Bulgarian Universities have more than 20 years experience of teaching in international languages (English or French or German programmes).

Life In Bulgaria

The main reason people chose living in Bulgaria is the low cost of live including  cost of properties, accommodation, student tuition fee, common transportation, foods and restaurants, etc. Living in  Bulgaria is ideal idea for retirement because of Bulgarian low prices as well as good health care facilities and a mild climate. But not only retirees move to Bulgaria. A large number of younger adults and families are relocating to Bulgaria. Students are among those who choose to spend some years in Bulgaria.

Living in Bulgaria offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the better things of life for many people, coming from a typically stressful working environment in the Occidental countries: the beach in summer, skiing in the winter, golf, walking in the mountains, horse-riding, fishing, football; painting, photography, bird-watching; opera, theatre, music; clubs, concerts, cinema – it’s all here.

On the other hand, living in Bulgaria, you could spend your days pottering around the garden and your evenings outside watching the sun go down over a glass of home-made wine, just like your neighbours. Wherever you are in Bulgaria, there is a distinct touch of the old world living alongside the new.
Most foreign tourists, who choose Bulgaria for their summer vacation, choose to rest on the Black Sea coast, gently touched by sea breezes. Some of them prefer to use the so-called all-inclusive packages, helping to isolate them from the local population and to enjoy their vacation. With several hundred US dollars or Euros, Germans and other western tourist can enjoy a week in some renowned seacoast resort such as “Albena”, “Golden Sands” and “Sunny Beach”.Some of them decide to come back regularly or even to spend the rest of their live.

All of those opportunities combined to the cheap tuition fees of high education, possibility of studying in English and hospitality of local people allow international students to fill home as soon as they arrive. Living in Bulgaria for short or long period remains unforgettable experience for those who have chance to experiment it. International students easily fit straight into Bulgarian cultural society and enjoy a student life full of excitement, fun and creativity.

Visa Process


You will be required to show the funds in the form of various savings to cover the expenses of first year of studies and the further progression.

Dependents information

Not allowed on student visa.

Immigration on Arrival

Your passport will be checked when you arrive at the airport to make sure you’re allowed to come into the country. It must be valid for the whole of your stay.

Universities / Institutions
  • Agricultural University – Plovdiv
  • American University in Bulgaria
  • Angel Kanchev University of Ruse
  • Bourgas Prof. Assen Zlatarov University
  • Bulgarian Virtual University
  • Burgas Free University
  • D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics
  • European Polytechnic University
  • Higher School of Insurance and Finance
  • Lyuben Karavelov Civil engineering university
  • Medical University of Pleven
  • Medical University of Plovdiv
  • Medical University of Sofia
  • Medical University of Varna
  • National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts
  • National Academy of Arts
  • New Bulgarian University
  • Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy
  • Pantcho Vladigerov” National Academy of Music
  • Plovdiv University
  • Rakovski Defence and Staff College
  • Sofia University
  • South-West University
  • Specialized Higher School of Librarian Knowledge and Information Technology
  • St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo
  • St. Ivan Rilski University of Mining and Geology
  • Technical University of Gabrovo
  • Technical University of Sofia
  • Technical University of Varna
  • Todor Kableshkov Higher School of Transport
  • Trakia University
  • University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy
  • University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy
  • University of Economics Varna
  • University of Food Technology
  • University of Forestry
  • University of National and World Economy
  • University of Shumen Episkop Konstantin Preslavski
  • Varna Free University
  • Vasil Levsk National Military University
  • Vasil Levski National Sports Academy

American University in Bulgaria

Various scholarships are available for international students to study at the university. No separate application is required, except for students who are applying for a scholarship based on their financial need.