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SOP for Canada Study

How to Write an SOP for Canada

Before you write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) to study abroad in any Canadian University, you have to understand their requirements and what the university expects from you. So you need to plan carefully before you start writing the SOP as this will help you to understand what all points need to be included in the statement and which part of the SOP must be given the utmost importance.

Once you have an idea about the content that you want to include in the SOP, then writing the SOP becomes a much simpler process. Here, Ealoor is listing the major elements that you should add to an SOP:-

  1. Introduction

In this section, you have to make sure that you list all the important achievements in a very impressive manner.  This will give the SOP reader (usually a university official) an impression about what kind of person you are. The introduction section needs to stand out and needs to be well-written. You may start with a statement or simply a quote that inspires you and then proceed to introduce yourself, connecting it to the quote mentioned earlier.

  1. Formulation

In this part of the SOP writing process you have to specify clearly the reasons why you wish to study in a Canadian university. You have to justify your choice of institution. Here, the country of interest is Canada. So, you have to explain why you are interested to study in Canada above other countries and you need to highlight your goals and aspirations and explain why you can be considered as an ideal candidate to study in Canada.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion statement of an SOP must be very impactful and powerful. You have to make sure that the SOP is interesting so that the SOP reader will not get tired by reading the statement.

After you prepare the SOP, make sure to proof read the same for spelling and grammar accuracy.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Divide the SOP into paragraphs. Make sure that each paragraph is unique.
  • Try to end SOP within the given word limit.
  • Make sure that the SOP is original not a copy and paste work. Plagiarism in SOP is not tolerated.
  • Be formal with your approach in writing SOP. Use formal language and avoid casual English.
  • You must be portraying an optimistic approach and above all plan your SOP in advance.
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