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Top Canada Universities

Study in Canada - Queen's University

Queen’s University is situated in Kingston and has a legacy of more than 178 years. The entire University is broken down into 10 graduate, undergraduate and professional departments. Queen’s University specializes in business faculty. It also has certain departments which teach mining and geology. Ealoor recommends this agency if you want to study Business, Economics, Computer Science, Low, Social Sciences or Engineering.

Study in Canada - University of Western Ontario

University of Western Ontario is a public research University which is more than 141 years old. Currently this University has 12 faculties. The most popular departments are Humanities, Business, Social Sciences, Medicine, Education & Engineering. University of Western Ontario is renowned for its researches on the human brain. They conducted the research in “Brain and Mind Institute”. Life as a student in University of Western Ontario is very diverse.

Study in Canada - University of Calgary

Another popular option to study in Canada is University of Calgary. This public research institution is more than 75 years old and is situated in Calgary, Alberta. The main campus of University of Calgary is spread over 498 acres. The main objective of University of Calgary is to advance the training and research in academic palliative medicine. As a student here, you will get the opportunity to be part of many extraordinary activities.

Study in Canada - McGill Univerity

McGill University was established by the royal charter. The name of the university is derived from a Montreal merchant – James McGill . This institution came into existence in 1821 and now it’s the only Canadian member of the GULF within world Economic Forum.  McGill University provides diplomas and degrees in more than 278 departments. Popular sections are Engineering, Science, Arts & Management Medicine. When it comes to teaching, the faculty is recklessly intelligent and passionate in their field.

Study in Canada - University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo is one of the most prestigious institutions in Canada. Commonly, it is called UW, Waterloo and sometimes. UWaterloo. It came into existence in July 1, 1957. This university has outstanding research reputation and is a member of U15. The U15 is a group that represents leading top 15 Canadian research universities to study in Canada. So once you graduate from here, you will get accreditation. 

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